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            Last Updated September 09, 2003







That's Right! This is Notta Cushman Motor Scooter. I owned an original way back when I was a kid, and well, I kinda missed it.  So, pooling all my fond memories I set out to build one, right here in my two car garage. Come on in and take a look at how I did it.


Some folks down in Texas decided to have a swap-meet - the rest is history....

How many scooters will fit in the trunk of YOUR car?

This is what a $50.00 scooter looks like - children should leave the room :-)


Construction Photo Album 

I tried to keep these in construction order, but they were not all taken in that order, so it was a difficult task.  If you see any that look out of order to you, let my son Dave know, as he is my webmaster and he will fix the problem.  His email address is


A few photos for fun





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