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Favorite Links Page

If you know of a good Cushman link, or want to see your Cushman link listed here, send me an e-mail and I will check it out!

C &  R Cushman  This guy stocks over 2,000 parts for Cushman motor scooters built between 1936-1966. He can supply you with a rebuilt engine or a completely restored scooter.
Jim's Cushman Scooter Site This is quite a site! Plan to spend some time wandering around this candy store.
The Top 100 scooter sites  What more can I say.  Just be ready for information overload!  Not all Cushman links, but it's fun to see what the underprivileged are riding these days!

Here's some home built scooters that are definitely 
Notta Cushman!

Turbo Scooter  Electric vehicles are popping up all over the place. Check out what this Englishman has been up to. Don't forget to read his autobiography.
A Homemade Gas Scooter Ok, the heck with the environment lets power it with a 2 stroke!  This fella really shows off his scrounging skills!
Tzi's Homemade Gas Scooter Talk about your chainsaw massacres! This one saws it all.....
The Segway HT   Hummm.....not quite sure what to make of this one.



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