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Luggage Rack

I choose to recycle some old metal chairs into Cushman style luggage racks.  I picked mine up for $2.00 each at a local flea market. My son lives almost 400 miles from here and says they cost the same there.....must be the going rate! You can probably expect to pay about the same.

Pick-n pipes.  One of the reasons for using chairs is they come ready bent.  It's hard to get a really uniform bend without expensive tooling.  I cut the chair up and carefully select the right pieces to make it all work. 

Don't use the chairs that are completely rounded on top.  When you narrow the width of the chair to the width of the luggage rack, you'll end up with a pointed arch instead of a nice curve. 

*Note the plywood jig used to make sure the rack stays square.

Here's a shot of the luggage rack ready to come out of the jig. Can you  believe it was once a fold-away metal chair?

All of these luggage racks were made out of old metal chairs. The same kind of chair in the photo. Strong, light weight and best of all CHEAP!

Here's a couple shots of me welding on a luggage rack.  Hey what's the point of having your own website if you can't show off a bit!




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