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Making Axles

That's me again, just eye-balling things to make sure all is right.  I'm working on an axle at the moment.  No copy lathe here.  Each one is made from scratch, start to finish.

The bit has just come to the end of the axle shaft.  Note that I am in the process of turning down the end of the shaft before turning a set of threads on it.

Holding up a finished axle shaft.  The ends have been threaded, and a raised "collar" has been machined onto the shaft.  This will keep the wheel bearing from moving sideways along the axle when everything is assembled.  You can make the collar as a separate piece and weld it on later. That would definitely save on the amount of time spent at the lathe, and some material costs as well.  I just happened to have the right size material and felt like making it all one piece.  That is the beauty of a home built scooter! No rules! Well not many.




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